Lahore School of Aviation


The growth of the aviation business worldwide has provided a quantum jump in all aviation related fields ranging from manufacturing of aircraft to the development of related infrastructure and management of various aviation activities. Air travel is a form of transportation in vehicles (such as airplanes and helicopters) that can sustain flight. It provides safety, comfort and the most convenient means of reaching the required destination in the shortest possible time in an affordable manner.

Today's aviation industry offers many challenging career opportunities. As air transportation systems increases in sophistication, and the role of the pilot changes, airlines are looking for employees who possess an optimal mix of academic knowledge and aviation skills. To run the aviation systems efficiently and effectively, human resource development has become a deciding factor. Due to the advanced growth in commercial aviation, the demand for people having the required professional knowledge and skills has risen. The University of Lahore has taken a bold step in establishing the Lahore School of Aviation for fulfilling the demands of the Aviation Sector. Though the Department is new, but determined to provide quality education.