University of Lahore

HOD Message

The University of Lahore visions to achieve excellence in Higher Education, is dedicated to expand its academic programs through introducing new programs that are high demanding and having a great impact on the sustainable development of Pakistan. As a result, we are privileged to offer our aspiring students, our future leaders two new programs, Bachelors of Science in Aviation Management and Aircraft Maintenance Technology that will help them to lead their way to their ambitions and goals.

As the Aviation Industry touches everyone’s life and as it requires high level of effectiveness and efficiency, we are determined to provide our students the highest level of proficiencies that will qualify them to be effective managers and leaders in the field of Aviation. In an effort to ensure that we are offering the high quality programs that is in line with the vision and culture of The University of Lahore. Furthermore, these programs are designed, keeping in view the local and international standards and demands. If the sky is the limit for your ambitions, we are there to help you manage your career and way to the limit.

Our faculty comes from a variety of aviation backgrounds, including retired Pakistan Air Force instructors, senior Airline Professionals, Air Traffic Controllers, foreign trained Aviation Professors as well as Managers of General Aviation. We are committed to excellence and meeting your needs. As a student, you are a valuable asset of our programs and we care about your professional as well as personal development. We will provide you with the best training and opportunities to enter the Military / Commercial aviation fields.

My hope is that you will strongly consider joining us as you pursue your career in Aviation.

Nadeem Ansari

Wing Commander (R)

Head of Department

Lahore School of Aviation