University of Lahore

Wajeeha Azhar


Through the programmes the school aims at producing graduates who are knowledgeable with practical and appropriate skills to serve and meet the challenges in the aviation industry. The programmes are designed to prepare graduates for a wide range of career in the aviation industry.

These programmes have been designed to combine a broad-based core of units covering the major functions of academic and vocational skills, with an in-depth specialist variant. As different academic and Human Resource Management needs are identified, additional variance are introduced to enable students to make sound decisions by the use of logical analyses and to solve multi-variant problems with the assistance of a wide range of analytical techniques and also improve the students’ self–confidence and ability to present their problems and solutions in a manner acceptable to specific disciplines. The teaching staffs have wide experience, knowledge and skills in diverse areas as Economics, Linguistics, Entrepreneurship, Planning, Management, administration,Aerospace, Technology, Risk Analysis and Computer. They constitute unique and admirable bedrock of modern world human resource developers.

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