Lahore School of Aviation

Research & Publications


Sr.NoTitleProfile NameFrom - ToGroup Name
1Design and development of Ornithopter MAVZawar HaiderJan 2016 Sept 2016 


Sr.NoTitleTypeYearProfile NameGroup Name
1Airfoil Selection Criteria for Morphing wing of an electrically powered MAVConference Paper2011Imtiaz Hussain 
2Scope and Limitation of Adaptive/Morphing AirfoilConference Paper2011Imtiaz Hussain 
3ERP Success and Logistical Performance IndicatorsJournal Article2013Saroop Anwer 
4Study of Critical Success Factor in ERP Implementation and its Impact on Supply Chain Logistical Performance in Developing CountriesConference Paper2013Saroop Anwer 
5The Role of Information Technology and Impact of Self-Regulated Learning Systems on Young LearnersConference Paper2013Saroop Anwer 
6Factors of Dynamic Capabilities and its impact on Performance Excellence in Pakistan Air LinesConference Paper2017Saroop Anwer 
7Road to El DoradoJournal Article2010Hammad Ahmad 
8Training Dilemma at HardeesJournal Article2014Hammad Ahmad 
9The Unhappy ManagerJournal Article2010Hammad Ahmad 
10Applying Service Dominant Logic Perspective: Studying Patient Care System of Shaukat KhanumMemorial Cancer Hospital (Lahore) and Shouldice Hospital (Canada)Journal Article2017Hammad Ahmad 
11In silico modeling of human malignant tumors’ reprogrammingJournal Article2016Mushal Zia 
12Modeling carcinoma reversion using virtual cellJournal Article2016Mushal Zia 
13Gender, Generation and Transition Leadership: Towards Conceptual FrameworkJournal Article2017Nadeem Iqbal 
14Barriers in getting first job; an exploratory study in context of fresh business graduates in Pakistan, Science InternationalJournal Article2015Nadeem Iqbal 
15Determinants and outcomes of selected dimensions of commitment in teachers of “not-for-profit” schoolsJournal Article2010Nadeem Iqbal 
16Cyber CompellenceJournal Article2018Mohsin Azhar Shah 
17Ball Milling Effect on Structural, Optical and Dielectric Properties of Y2O3Journal Article2001Natasha Tariq 
18In vitro Response of Bougainvillea Explants and their Antioxidant Enzymatic Activities Treated with Naphthyl Acetic Acid-Based Synthetic Plant Growth Promoters Journal Article2018Dr. Ali Ahmad Sabir 
191- Growth and acclimatization response of sunflower plantlets treated with naphthyl acetic acid based environment friendly plant growth promoters Journal Article2019Dr. Ali Ahmad Sabir 
20Effect of Surface Roughness on Shear Strength of Bonded Joints of Aluminum AL 6061 T6 substrateJournal Article2020Muhammad Dawood Bukhari 
22War – an inevitable phenomena? Can War be Abolished?? Journal Article2019Mohsin Azhar Shah 
23Adhesion Theories and Effect of Surface Roughness on Energy Estimation and Wettability of Polymeric Composites Bonded Joints: A-ReviewJournal Article2020Muhammad Dawood Bukhari